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Conservation Education Programs for Schools

Welcome to our conservation education programs page. 

Here is a special offer to schools of Ausable Bayfield watersheds:

There are in-school and outdoor programs.

Outdoor programs

These program are offered in our conservation area properties.  Please note that some outdoor programs may be limited to certain conservation areas and only available during certain seasons.

Download a map of the watershed with our conservation areas and schools highlighted:

In-school programs

Ausable Bayfield Conservation educators are dedicated to building relationships between youth and their natural world. These programs are typically offered at your school from November to April. Educators may also be able to develop and deliver specialized programs to meet your curriculum needs. Activities can include mulitmedia presentations, games, nature exploration or investigation of natural specimens. 

In addition to the programs, a regular outdoor program may be delivered in your schoolyard (depending on the site and/or program).

More information

For more information, or to book a program use our  online request form or call 519-235-2610 or toll-free 1-888-286-2610