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Flood Plain Management

A flood plain is land near a lake or river that is flat or low-lying and tends to flooding when there are overflows.

Floods are most destructive in that part of the flood plain known as the floodway, where the water flows fastest.

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) provides a number of services relating to flood plain management within its watershed boundaries. It is our mandate to reduce risk to life and property, reduce potential social disruption, and protect the environment from naturally occurring flooding and erosion.

For flooding information and flood messages click on the dial icon on our home page or visit: Flood Messages Page

Ausable Bayfield Conservation's Flood Plain Management services include:

  • Maintaining existing flood and erosion control infrastructure

See Flood and Erosion Control Structures Page

  • Monitoring watershed conditions for drought or flood forecasting purposes
  • Providing emergency planning advice
  • Warning watershed municipalities of impending flooding conditions

(See Flood Warning and Emergency Planning Page)

Providing technical advice in relation to lakeshore erosion and agricultural land erosion and, stream bank and municipal drain erosion concernsFor information on environmental planning and permits click this link:

Environmental Planning Programs and Services

For permit fee information visit:

Fess for Permits and Planning Review

Environmental planning includes comments on significant natural areas, flood plain lands, steep slopes, erosion rates, and faulty septic systems (in portions of Middlesex County only), the need for stormwater control, buffer strips, and wildlife corridors linking existing natural areas.

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority staff provide comments applicants and appropriate agencies for such things as plans of subdivision; severances; official plans; zoning by-laws; municipal drainage reports; and environmental assessments.

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