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Carbon Footprints to Forests

It's that easy - calculate, donate, plant.
It's that easy - calculate, donate, plant.

A Global Challenge, A Local Response

Try out the carbon calculator

Carbon Footprints to Forests

Try out the easy-to-use carbon calculator at this link:

Find out how much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) you produce from your travel and home energy use. 

Find out how many trees need to be planted to capture that carbon. 

Find out how much it would cost (you may be surprised and find it's not that much!). 

You can then choose not to donate or choose to donate part or all of your personal carbon footprint. 

Consider this program for your meetings, events, workplace ... or your home! 

When you drive, travel, or heat your home you create greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. 
This is part of your carbon footprint. 
Are you looking for ways to counter-balance or offset that footprint? 
Our weather is more extreme and our climate is changing. Are you interested in a local way to help our watershed mitigate and adapt to climate change?

 Are you interested in finding out how much greenhouse gas you produce and how you can compensate for that? 


Many thanks

Thanks to the County of Huron for making this project possible and to Maitland Conservation and Ausable Bayfield Conservation and all the donors.

The Carbon Footprint Calculator tool was developed locally to help you compensate for your own personal carbon footprint (carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are released as a result of day-to-day activities such as driving a vehicle or heating a home).

Download the Carbon Project report (2012) prepared for Ausable Bayfield Conservation:

Thanks to the 25 people who took part in the launch of the new Carbon Footprints to Forests program website. This showed the interest in this program and the potential for it to grow ... just like the trees we're planting!

Visit this link Carbon Footprints to Forests 

Donate now:


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